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We featured albums from the year 1999 during our 20th anniversary celebration in 2019. In this ongoing feature, we have published original reviews of these albums:

Below are further descriptions of each album, in the order that we reviewed them.

February 12, 2019
Dosage by Collective Soul

To close out the decade, Collective Soul made a musical move back towards the sound that was so successful in the mid nineties, with 1999’s Dosage. The album features a nearly even mix of ballads and rockers.

Review of Dosage

March 13, 2019
Supernatural by Santana

In 1999 it had been years since Carlos Santana had a hit and it seemed like his career was winding down. However, a new opportunity through Clive Davis, the man who had originally signed Santana three decades later, led to Supernatural, an astronomically popular album that was the greatest success of his career.

Review of Supernatural

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