Classic Rock Review is a repository of hundreds of original album reviews of significant records from the late 20th century. We focus primarily on historic rock-oriented albums that have proven valuable through the test of time and are still interesting and entertaining many decades after multiple decades.

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Classic Rock Review is part of the River of Rock Music Network, a growing network of online sites that each focus on a specific area of the popular music universe, past and present. Classic Rock Review Launched in 2011 and we have published original and in-depth reviews of over 550 albums released during the classic rock era, from 1965 until the end of the 20th century as well as occasional tributes and special features. If you are a music fan, historian or enthusiast, please explore our content along with that of our affiliated websites Modern Rock Review, Roots Rock Review and Keystone Rock Review.

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Led Zeppelin

When you think of the essence of "Classic Rock" it is hard not to think of the band Led Zeppelin. Formed in late 1968 and together until the death of drummer John Bonham in September 1980, this four piece group spanned the most indelible period of rock and roll. More importantly, this group set the pace for much of the world's heavy rock from pre-Woodstock to post-punk.

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