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We featured albums from the year 1998 during our 20th anniversary celebration in 2018. In this ongoing feature, we have published original reviews of these albums:

Below are further descriptions of each album, in the order that we reviewed them.

February 4, 2018
Yield by Pearl Jam

Pearl Jam returned to straight-ahead hard rock on their fifth album, Yield, as they shied away from the weird flourishes scattered throughout their previous album. The result is a critical and commercial success to complete their output for the decade.

Review of Yield

March 10, 2018
Pilgrim by Eric Clapton
1998’s Pilgrim was the first new studio album of original material for Eric Clapton in nearly a decade. Working with producer Simon Climie, Clapton produced a slick and methodical record that features a blend of blues, R&B, rock and late nineties pop.

Review of Pilgrim

April 7, 2018
Boggy Depot by Jerry Cantrell
Jerry Cantrell‘s debut solo album, Boggy Depot, takes many of the elements of his group Alice in Chains and adds certain individual touches. The result is a fine record with patient, deliberate guitar leads building on the dark, psychological musical vibes and fine, simple melodies of the songs.

Review of Boggy Depot

April 21, 2018
Walking Into Clarksdale by Page and Plant
The legendary duo Jimmy Page and Rpbert Plant decided to make their post-Zeppelin reunion permanent, by recording their first new album of original material in nearly two decades. With a heavy dose of world music and a lighter touch of their signature classic rock, Walking Into Clarksdale would be a unique, singular musical project.

Review of Walking Into Clarksdale

May 20, 2018
Lenny Kravitz 5
Lenny Kravitz made a strong career rebound with his fifth album, 5. Here, he tried a new approach in production with some slight electronica, loops and analog synths to his solid, core musical arrangement.

Review of 5

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