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Along with the regular, year-by-year album reviews, Classic Rock Review does special features on aspects of classic rock which fall outside the normal flow of artist-centric albums. In our debut year of 2011 we did three of these special features and plan on doing about as many per year moving forward.

Robert Johnson, 1936November 23, 2016

On November 23, 1936 in San Antonio, TX, a young blues man from the Mississippi Delta cut the first half of his famed 29 recorded tracks. These simple songs would ripple through the rock and roll world some three decades later, when some English musicians discovered the classic recordings and implemented many of the unique and innovative techniques of Robert Johnson.

80 Years Ago Today

All Things Must PassSeptember 14, 2016

All Things Must Pass is a feature-length documentary, which examines the meteoric rise and fall of Tower Records, as well as its culture and influence to rock’s classic era.

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Led Zeppelin on stage in 1969January 25, 2016

An in-depth exploration of the question of why Led Zeppelin, a band from the 1970s, is still popular today with vast audiences, especially the younger ones.

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Beatles arrive in AmericaDecember 27, 2014

Classic Rock Review looks at the top moments from the historic rock year of 1964 as we conclude the 50th anniversary of those important moments.

Top 9 Rock Moments of 1964

WoodstockAugust 17, 2014

Classic Rock Review joins the celebration of the 45th Anniversary of the historic 1969 Woodstock Music Festival. In conjunction with Top 9 Lists, we present a list of the Top 9 Rock Festivals of all time, along with a bonus list of Top 9 Single Day, Single Location Concerts

Top 9 List of Rock Festivals

Led Zeppelin 2007 reunion concertJune 22, 2014

Comebacks and Reunions of classic rock acts are frequent occurrences these days. Classic Rock Review takes a special look at some of the most important and successful, with a special focus on those during the year 1994

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Led Zeppelin compilation imageAugust 8, 2013

Ever since the beginning of the rock era, there have been compilations and once the “classic era” albums come into prominence in the mid to late sixties, “Greatest Hits” or “Best of” collections stepped in to supplement regular album releases as well as reach out to audience segments who only wished to sample a certain artist’s output.

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Glass Half FullJune 30, 2013

Today Classic Rock Review has reached the halfway point of our five-year mission to review the important album of the classic rock era (1965-1995). We’ve focused in on fifteen of these years and reviewed over 200 albums, all while slowly growing and reaching out to more and more viewers on a daily basis.

“Half Way There” article

Jesus Christ Superstar, a Rock OperaMarch 29, 2013

Before it was a theatre act, a Broadway play, or a major motion picture, Jesus Christ Superstar was simply a 1970 rock album produced by composer Andrew Lloyd Webber and lyricist by Tim Rice, with performances by top-notch British musicians who would go on to achieve much in the rock world.

Review of Jesus Christ Superstar, a Rock Opera

Classic Christmas Rock SongsDecember 8, 2012

Nearly from its inception, rock and roll and Christmas songs have made for a potent mixture of holiday-flavored punch. This marriage dates back to 1957 with the first Elvis Presley Christmas Album and Bobby Helms’s timeless “Jingle Bell Rock”, a rockabilly Christmas classic which was actually written by an advertising executive and a publicist.

The Best Christmas Rock Songs

The Beatles at Abbey Road StudiosJune 6, 2012

On June 6, 1962, The Beatles did their first recording sessions at what would later be re-named Abbey Road Studios. On that day 50 years ago, no one involved could have possibly imagined how historically connected this building in London and that shaggy rock band from Liverpool would become.

The Beatles First Abbey Road Session

CRR Special on Movie SoundtracksApril 9, 2012

We’ve looked at the most prominant Movie Soundtracks of rock history, narrowing them down by defining this category with the main criteria of original music, recently produced (at the time of release), and by various artists. However, we also looked at soundtracks which fell outside this criteria.

Feature on The Movie Soundtrack


The Live AlbumDecember 16, 2011

Even though most of what we review are studio productions, there have been hundreds of quality Live Albums released through the years. So today we examine some of the more important live albums through time, with a special look at 1976, a year that was especially rich with quality live albums.

The Live Album Feature

Old 78 RecordsOctober 16, 2011

Classic Rock Review is built around the concept of The Album, which we define as a collection of professionally recorded songs by a single artist published together usually through a single source of media. Here we looked at the evolution of albums.

Feature on The Album

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