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When you think of the essence of “Classic Rock” it is hard not to think of the band Led Zeppelin. Formed in late 1968 and together until the death of drummer John Bonham in September 1980 (36 years ago today), this four piece group spanned the most indelible period of rock and roll. More importantly, this group set the pace for much of the world’s heavy rock from pre-Woodstock to post-punk.

Studio Album Reviews

Led Zeppelin studio albums
We can go on and on about the quality and importance of Led Zeppelin’s music but will only use our own little metric. They are one of just two artists for which we have reviewed every single studio album:

Led Zeppelin (I) and Led Zeppelin II (1969)
Led Zeppelin III (1970)
Led Zeppelin (IV) (1971)
Houses of the Holy (1973)
Physical graffiti (1975)
Presence (1976)
In Through the Out Door (1979)
Coda (1982)

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Pictures at Eleven by Robert Plant (1982)
The Principle of Moments by Robert Plant (1983)
The Firm (1985 album featuring Jimmy Page)
Mean Business by The Firm (1986 album featuring Jimmy Page)
Outrider by Jimmy Page (1988)
Now and Zen by Robert Plant (1988)
Manic Nirvana by Robert Plant (1990)
Coverdale-Page (1993)
Walking Into Clarksdale by Jimmy Page & Robert Plant (1998)

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Outside Resources

Led Zeppelin in 1976
Classic Rock Review suggests these fine links for more information on Led Zeppelin:

Led Zeppelin Wikipedia page Fan Website
Led Zeppelin FanPop
Rolling Stone‘s Top 40 Led Zeppelin Songs
Ultimate Classic Rock‘s Top 10 Heaviest Led Zeppelin Songs
Encyclopedia Britannica article on the influences of Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin Official

Led Zeppelin on Twitter  Led Zeppelin on Facebook  Led Zeppelin on YouTube
Led Zeppelin official website
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    […] Rock Review has launched the first of many artist-centric pages with a tribute page to Led Zeppelin. This page connects to our extensive reviews of Zeppelin’s albums as well as link to choice […]


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    I love the Coda!


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