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End of Our Original 5 Year Mission,
Beginnings of More Great Things to Come

At the beginning of 2011, Classic Rock Review set out on a monumental task to review the best and most important rock and roll album released during the 30 year period between 1965 and 1994. To accomplish this, we set up a 5 year schedule, covering six classic years annually or approximately one every two months. On December 14, 2015, we published the 452nd and final album review of this original mission, The Who's My Generation, completing a monumental task of original material that, combined, would fill the pages of about six full novels. Moving into 2016, Classic Rock Review will pivot towards new features with more select album reviews (we did miss a few) and other interesting content. Stay tuned for our next newsletter for more details!
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Classic Rock Review began at the beginning on 2011 with an actual 5 year mission. During the calendar years 2011-2015, Classic Rock Review systematically goes through the classic rock years, spanning the period from 1965-1995, and we do in-depth album reviews of important albums from these classic years. For further information, please email or visit these online channels:
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