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  1. Panther
    February 9, 2015 @ 8:43 am

    A couple of things: 1) Reni (drummer) joined Squire and Brown (and Pete Garner and Andy Couzens) in May 1984, and Mani joined (following Pete Garner’s departure) in late 1987. Your chronology on this is reversed. 2) This is the first review (indeed, the first opinion) of this album I’ve ever seen that called the last three tracks the weakest. I can kind of see your point about ‘This is the One’ (the band members were ‘iffy’ about this song, but Leckie really made it fly), but it’s a general consensus that “I Am The Resurrection” is the album’s highlight and the best thing the band ever did — an 8+ minute masterpiece.


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