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  1. Mark Tele
    May 18, 2018 @ 6:58 pm

    “The King Will Come”. Unfortunately, the song proper here is much less interesting than the unique intro…
    Unfortunately, you are clueless. The King will Come is their signature song. They have played it everytime I’ve seen them. The last time (2018), Mark Abrahams absolutely nailed that original Ted Turner hook.


    • Robert Gappa
      September 26, 2018 @ 7:23 am

      Before I went into the Service in in 1973. I got the pleasure of seeing Wishbone Ash 3X. They opened for the Who in Minneapolis. The Who was a Theater Band in the vain of Alice Cooper and Kiss. I didn’t enjoy the Who concert in the least. I noticed the double stacks of speakers placed on either side of the stage. I noticed towards the end of the concert guitars being placed behind Peety T. The double stacks of speakers I figured out were non functioning. The guitars that had been placed behind Peety T where pieces of shit guitars. The theater part arrived toward the very end of the concert. The orgasm of fake rock music arrived and the band made a huge show of destroying the fake speakers and fake guitars. You remember the act right? Rock bad boys go crazy and destroy equipment. More like Rock bad boys play really really loud music and put on a play in their theater of the absurd. The Who sucked pig farts and Wishbone Ash gave me a concert. Who would you spend your money on? Music or an off Broadway extravaganza with music so loud you go deaf like Peety T. Music Music Music.


      • william jarrell
        December 2, 2018 @ 1:44 am

        i totally agree of the so loud u cant hear,i was at an aerosmith concert in offenback germany and i hated it,the wishbone is for my part the best band ever,they are so so so well the best i love them


    • Mary Conneely
      October 4, 2019 @ 6:04 pm

      Thank u..I was so dissapointed to read the review on this CLASSIC tube!


  2. Robert Allan
    February 14, 2019 @ 8:59 am

    Saw Wishbone Ash live many times & always brilliant, if in doubt listen to Live Dates released in 1973, recorded just as it was ,no added overdubs etc, superb musicianship.


  3. Phil Bilzon
    March 31, 2020 @ 5:42 am

    Argus is a top album and my first introduction to them was when I heard Argus in around 1973. I then followed on by buying the previous album, Pilgrimage, which I consider to be a perfectly good album, though something of a miss mash of styles.
    Come 1977, aged 16, I went to see Wishbone Ash, the first professional gig I ever attended. They featured almost the whole of Argus and even with Laurie Wisefield in for Ted Turner, turned in a fantastic live representation of Argus.
    It’s still one of my all time favourite albums and, though I followed the band for several more years following on from the first gig of theirs I saw, I don’t think they’ve ever matched the songs the wrote for Argus. That is not to say the standard dropped, it’s just that the benchmark was set so high, the spirit of the album, the innovation in sound and so much more just isn’t totally present in other later albums other that the odd song here and there. Argus appears to present a level of consistency throughout the whole; I would hesitate to say that there are any low points at all.


  4. Lil’Larry
    May 5, 2024 @ 1:48 pm

    I bought the first 2 Wishbone Ash Lp’s Played side 2 of the first one to death! And played side one of the second! When Argus came out I was so impressed with it that I never bought another Wishbone Ash album! Not that it was so bad but it reminded me of Future Games by Fleetwood Mac! Which I felt only had one and a half songs on it! If they could have figured out what to do with (Sands of time) and find some way to end it they could have had a first rate side!) So in short I hate Argus because of Fleetwood Mac!


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